Baja Clamping With Sestante

SMALL, LUXURIOUS TENTED CAMP ON A REMOTE, WHITE SAND BEACH ON ESPÍRITU SANTO ISLAND IN THE SEA OF CORTEZ Sestante charter Services takes you to a beautiful, unique luxury campsite on a secluded beach on Isla Espíritu Santo, home to spectacular sheer red cliffs; a nature reserve with no hotels or marinas, boasting breathtaking desert landscapes, luxury tents with beds, warm showers, chilled cocktails and delicious seafood prepare on the spot.


Get Away to the Sea of Cortez

There are opportunities to kayak, trek across the island, go wreck diving and snorkel with the nearby colony of sea lions. But there´s no particular routine to the day – just get up when you want, swim in the warm crystal-clear waters, sunbathe, eat the freshest fish, consume margaritas, repeat…

Sestante´s Baja Camp isa a team destination for lovers of the sea, nature and outdoors. Perfect for couples, groups of friends and families with older kids. packages start at least with 3 to 4 days to get the most our of the various activities on we offer.